TFCinfo's Latest Flat Panel End User Study Reveals High Demand For Future LED LCD Display Purchases

Lewiston, ME, May 20, 2011 - Results from TFCinfo’s most recent flat panel end user survey reveal that LED LCD is the technology of choice for future flat panel purchases.  Pent up demand for the displays are expected while purchasers wait for more competitive pricing. 

More than half of the entertainment users surveyed state that if they were in the market for a flat panel display today they would purchase an LED LCD, this is an 18% increase vs. last year’s 2010 results!  Although the demand is there, LCD is currently dominating the market now.  LCD may get a boost from those not yet ready to purchase LED until prices are more in line with what consumers are willing to pay for the technology (average desired price from study for a 46” LED LCD is $1,042 compared to current average street price of $1,427 1Q’10).

TFCinfo’s 2011 Flat Panel Brand Study analyzes and compares perceptions and preferences for LCD, LED and plasma displays among both business and home users.  The study also includes price sensitivities for displays by size, technology, and upgraded features.

An example of differences seen between the market segments are the motivators behind the desire for LED LCD purchases in the future.  Home users seem more likely to be motivated by perceptions of image and product quality, while professional buyers attach more importance to technical factors. 

In this research TFCinfo discovered that customer perceptions are still major factors in determining whether to purchase LCD, LED LCD, or plasma displays.  “It is interesting because some of these perceptions are outdated and pertain to issues that have already been addressed by manufacturers, but manufacturers have not yet been able to change customer perceptions,” stated Tanya Lippke, TFCinfo Director of Survey Market Research.  “Some of the issues we are seeing are very different between professional and consumer buyers as well, so analyzing both groups gives manufacturers a clear understanding of what professional buyers are thinking versus home buyers and how they will buy in the future."

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