New TFCinfo Home Entertainment Projector End User Survey Reveals Consumer Focus on 1080p


Lewiston, ME, July 17, 2012 –TFCinfo, a leader in AV market research, has announced the completion of their 2012 Home Entertainment Projection Study of recent and future projector purchasers that explores the buying preferences and attitudes of shoppers toward home entertainment projection. 

The home entertainment projector purchasers in this study state that they want a large image with a crisp picture and vibrant colors, they want their display to be able to produce digital and HD images, and they want this at an affordable price. 

“The latest projectors fit this need unbelievably well, and at price points that some consumers are now willing to pay, offering projector manufacturers a large growth opportunity,” states Tanya Lippke, director of TFCinfo survey market research.  Front projectors have tremendous growth potential because they offer desirable characteristics at a good price.  However, they offer an educational challenge to manufacturers due to their newness in the eyes of the average consumer and unfamiliarity to them in the home environment compared to other form factors available, not to mention the difficulty in displaying projectors in the retail environment.”

One of the developments revealed by this report is the clear demand for 1080p.  1080p resolution is clearly the resolution of choice for the home buyers surveyed,  however, actual consumer point of sale data shows that at this point the overwhelming preference for 1080p resolution is still only beginning to be reflected in greater market-share. 

1080p has gained significant market-share in flat panels, but has up until now represented only a small percentage of projector sales due to price.  The higher current prices of 1080p projectors are still a factor in purchase decisions.  The prices of 1080p projectors have begun to fall and customer interest is clearly growing. 

“We are seeing a discrepancy in between buyer’s desires and their current purchases, especially with regard to resolution.  The demand shown in this report for certain resolutions is clear, however there is a disconnect between what people are buying and what people want to buy,” states Jeffrey MacDonald, Senior Analyst of TFC Market Research.  “In TFC Market Research’s analysis reports of actual consumer point of sale data it shows that at this point the overwhelming preference for higher resolutions has not yet been converted into actual sales.  The preference for higher resolutions seen in the survey clearly point out where the opportunity lies for projector manufacturers able to produce these projectors at more competitive price points.”

The 2012 Home Entertainment Projection Study reveals what the more advanced home entertainment buyer wants and demands, and shows how these buyers think.  The revealing results of this study allow manufacturers to see the path that the average consumer in the mass market will eventually take. 

This report examines the reasons why projectors are being purchased instead of flat panels, how and where projectors are being used in the home, whether they are being purchased in addition or to replace a traditional set, important purchasing factors, preferred features and buying considerations,   price sensitivities and premium analysis, the impact of an LED lightsource with extended bulb life, and also includes important historical trend charts from 2008-2012 and much more.

This detailed study is now available for purchase.  For a complete brochure and outline of this report please contact Tanya Lippke, TFCinfo Director of Survey Market Research, at (207) 783-0055 or

TFC Market Research provides monthly and quarterly reports analyzing sales, inventory, and price data by channel for the US projector and flat panel markets.  For more information or a brochure of reports available please contact Jeffrey Macdonald at (512) 715-0373 or



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